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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing = Customer Centricity

Sales & Marketing

The leading companies we work with obsess about customer centricity and not only exhibit that in their interactions with the customer, but also incorporate that into their business processes – be it designing products and services with a deep understanding of both evident and latent needs or at-scale personalization of marketing efforts leveraging both advanced analytics and experimentation. Our work helps clients anticipate customer’s evolving needs, deepen their relationships, and deliver top-quartile growth.

Our Services

We believe customer insights are just as applicable to B2B companies as they are to B2C companies. We initiate the research effort with a deep understanding of the client’s thinking regarding a specific decision including key hypotheses, concerns and considerations. We leverage in-depth expert interviews, survey calls, web surveys, and analytics to unearth unique insights across the following dimensions:

  • Product Portfolio, both to simplify existing offerings and to drive new product development
  • Customer Satisfaction to address retention, churn and share of wallet opportunities
  • Pricing Optimization based on a clear understanding of ROI perception
  • Latent Needs to identify new growth opportunities

New technologies, new medium types for customers to learn and engage with businesses, ongoing consolidation within the channel, and wide adoption of as-a-service business models are all disrupting the traditional role of channel partners and redefining how enterprises can leverage them strategically. We have helped our technology clients with the following:

  • Strengthen partner ecosystem by assessing strength of channel partnerships, including share-of-wallet with partner, partner’s capabilities, channel economics, and alignment to strategy and goals
  • Identify new partners that address needs of cloud-based solutions and emerging markets
  • Fine-tune partner program, by eliminating potential for conflict with direct sales, programmatically leveraging partner’s data and insights, upgraded training programs, simplified portfolio / solution design etc

Optimizing pricing and revenue management is incumbent on deep understanding of the customer and the value your products and services provide them. Only then can businesses claim a fair share of the value they offer. With pricing models undergoing massive disruption, e.g., subscription-based pricing, we enable organizations to unearth unique insights on the ROI customers realize and their willingness to pay, both through primary research as well as leveraging data stuck in silos within the marketing, sales, and pricing functions. We do the legwork to help client teams understand the insidious nature of discounting and the utility of value-added services to extract maximum value from the offerings.

Without the right tools, training, and incentives for the sales team, even the most well thought out commercial strategy will not yield results. We bring an analytical approach to understanding sales performance, gaps, and winning behaviors in the sales team. We also build tools for use by the sales operations team as well as front-line sales staff. Recent engagements have addressed:

  • Salesforce performance assessment including productivity analysis, organization dimensioning, and incentive analysis
  • B2B account planning and management including identifying high-value accounts, creating strategic account planning templates, and jointly creating high-value, personalized plays to be leveraged at all stages of the pipeline
  • Building capabilities that address communication and coaching, reinforcing sales cadence discipline, and practical approaches to address essential skills and behaviors

While COVID-19 driven supply chain issues forced many organizations to narrow their product offerings, this is an area we are passionate about and have worked with clients since the mid-2000s. We help quantify the implicit and explicit costs of product portfolio complexity, reduce complexity by combining both customer and competitor insights on product portfolio and value drivers with product development and operational constraints to make the appropriate trade-offs. Additionally, we have helped clients calibrate investments across enhancement to existing products vs. new product development.

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